Effective July 19, 2016, the attorneys of Beirne, Maynard & Parsons will continue their practice of law with separate law firms, Akerman LLP or Parsons, McEntire, McCleary & Clark, PLLC. The former Beirne, Maynard & Parsons lawyers joining these two firms are identified below along with a link to our new firms’ websites. We are very grateful to our friends and clients who have been with us throughout the years and we look forward to continuing our relationship with our new firms.

The lawyers who will join Akerman LLP include:

Terry Adams, Jr.

Joe Allen

Brian Bagley

Martin Beirne

Danya Blair

Brit Brown

Sean Cichowski

Thomas L Colletta

Benjamin Escobar, Jr.

Lori Hanson

Brooke Jimenez

Patrick Johnson, Jr.

Marne Jones

Laurence Kurth

Scott Marrs

Andrew McGill

Ed Murphy

Joseph Nixon

William Norvell, Jr.

David Pluchinsky

Marisa Resendez

James Rogers

Michelle Scelson

Benjamin Slater, III

Bruce Stanfill

Nicholas Stepp

Trey Trainor

Brent Wyatt

Matthew Wymer

The lawyers who will be forming Parsons, McEntire, McCleary & Clark, PLLC include:

David Clark

Roger McCleary

Kristen McDanald

Sawnie McEntire

Brandan Montminy

Jeffrey Parsons

Robert Rosen

Sarah Sparling

Ryan Starbird

David Walton